Dobie Condos: The Center of Activity

pexels-photo-12057Maybe you’ve already decided on Wintergreen Resort as the ultimate retreat for your vacation home, or maybe you just know that you’re looking for an area that offers year-round outdoor recreation. Either way, Wintergreen Resort and specifically Dobie Condos are pretty amazing vacation spots any time of the year.

What is Wintergreen Resort?

Wintergreen Resort covers 11,000 acres of forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers quiet and serene residential areas in addition to an almost endless list of amenities and activities. Whether you’re looking for a primary home, a secondary home, or just a vacation home, the access, amenities, and recreation of Wintergreen is pretty unbeatable.

Four-Season Recreation

Spring, summer, fall, and winter, Wintergreen has you covered. Hiking, mountain biking, swimming, tennis, fishing, and golf are all popular activities. Wintergreen also offers a mountaintop spa, and fun activities such as zip-lining, archery.

In winter, Wintergreen is home to an award-winning ski resort offering skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, a terrain park, and even ski racing. And if you get tired of winter sports, there’s plenty of dining, live music, shows, and educational activities.

Dobie Condos: The Ultimate Wintergreen Home

I imagine by this point, you’ve decided that Wintergreen is pretty much the perfect vacation home. Next comes the decision of choosing a spot in Wintergreen to purchase your home. For those looking to be in the midst of the excitement and activity, Dobie Condos is more than ideal.

Located at the summit of the Dobie and Diamond Hill ski slopes and the Blue Ridge Express chair lift, Dobie Condos are literally “ski-in/ski-out” condos on the mountain. snow-mountains-winter-sportNot only does this mean you can wake up and walk out the door for a quiet morning ski, it also gives you access to Mountain Inn Village, and front-row seats of the trails AND the July 4th fireworks in summer. (I might also add that said view is from a seating area around a sunken fireplace inside your condo.)

Affordable Luxury Living

With price tags ranging between $200k and $400k and beautiful home features and outstanding on-site amenities, Dobie Condos more than earn their title of “luxury at a reasonable price”. Some of these condos have updated interiors, though many still retain their original 1970’s style, for those with more retro taste. Additionally, all condos boast great lighting, large windows,  and comfortable bedrooms.

Superior On-Site Amenities

As if a luxury condo on a mountainside wasn’t enough, Dobie Condos are also in close proximity to some truly spectacular community amenities, including:

  • The Mountain Village
  • Swimming pool and sauna
  • Tennis and volleyball courts
  • The highest (in altitude) golf course in Virginia
  • Nature walking trails

Ready to Invest in a Dobie Condo?

Dobie Condos are part of what makes Wintergreen Resort the premier four-season resort of Virginia.

If you are considering a vacation condo for personal use or as an investment, we want to be your Wintergreen real estate experts! Contact us today to schedule a tour of a Dobie Condominium and other communities in the area.

You can also read more about Wintergreen and Dobie Condos and search available homes for sale.

4 thoughts on “Dobie Condos: The Center of Activity

  1. Brian, I was told that the Dobie Condos do not have air conditioning and there is no way to put in individual air conditioning units. People renting homes from us during the late spring, summer, and early fall want air conditioning and in living here, we understand why.

    If they do not have air conditioning, are there plans to change that?

    Thank you for clarifying the Dobie Condo air conditioning status.

  2. Dobie Condos were built with a through-the-wall AC unit which, in this mountain environment, typically gets the job done reasonably well. Thank you for your comment – let me know if there’s more I can do to help.

  3. Brian, I want to thank you for the information. I know that the Dobie condos DO have air conditioning units, which would give the fresh air needed during those high humidity days/nights. I know that lots of homes at the Resort were built without air conditioning or the “venting” but do you know if that was a standard and that all condos and suites at the Resort were built including the air conditioning units?

  4. Most Wintergreen Condos have central Heat and AC. The exceptions are Dobie, White Oak, some Timbers, Tanners Ridge, and the first phase of Fairway Woods. All of the latter were originally constructed with through-the-wall AC units. If you encounter a Dobie, White Oak, Tanners Ridge, or Fairway Woods condo without one of these through-the-wall AC units, it would be the result of an owner having removed it. I have seen a unit in Tanners Ridge like this. Any condo where the AC unit was removed would almost certainly be allowed to reinstall one – to be on the safe side though, permission would need be obtained from the relevant condo association manager. I hope this helps.

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