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Where to Hike Around Wintergreen Resort

shenandoah valley in virginiaSeeking an outdoor adventure in the clear mountain air surrounded by the area’s beautiful foliage? Discover the ample hiking opportunities at Wintergreen Resort!

Wintergreen’s trail system extends over 30 miles through rugged terrain and gently rolling hills, showcasing the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley any time of year.

Top 10 Wintergreen Resort Hiking Destinations

If you’re spending time at Wintergreen Resort, be sure to explore the beauty of the area and the diverse mountain terrain for yourself on Wintergreen’s best trails — where you can hike at your own pace and experience the spectacular views and wonders of nature.

Here are the best hiking destinations around Wintergreen Resort:

10. Trillium House Trail

Distance: 0.1 Miles | Difficulty: Easy

Stroll leisurely around the Trillium House garden in Wintergreen and still get a taste of the area’s immense beauty. In the warmer months, you’ll find beautiful wildflowers blooming all along the trail, which you can learn about through the nature center’s pathside signs.

9. Trillium Field

Distance: 0.1 Miles | Difficulty: Easy

Tour this trail in early May, when the white and pink trillium flowers cover every inch of the field and provide a truly spectacular experience. The Trillium Field is near the Wintergarden Pool & Spa, where Wintergreen Drive and Devils Knob Loop meet.

8. Ravens Roost Park

Distance: 0.1 Miles | Difficulty: Easy

A family favorite at Wintergreen Resort, the Ravens Roost Park trail loops around to a wooden overlook platform that showcases the stunning Shenandoah Valley extending beyond the treetops. In the fall, you can watch the vibrant leaves rustle in the winds and light the valley with oranges, reds, and yellows.

7. Shamokin Springs Nature Preserve Trail

Distance: 0.3 Miles | Difficulty: Easy

Take an outdoor tour of the nature center where you can truly experience the diverse terrain — like the wetlands layered with gurgling streams and stunning plant life — from within the Wintergreen Resort community. This mountain trail is another family favorite, offering great views of the area and choice opportunities for bird watching.

6. Upper Shamokin Falls Trail

Distance: 0.4 Miles | Difficulty: Moderate

The falls are a major appeal of this trail. Stay to admire the cascading waters and evergreens throughout the moderately short trail, and be sure to catch all views of the waterfall from different vantage points; the Upper Shamokin Falls Trail connects with Morgans Loop, which goes around the waterfall and stops along the top of the falls for a spectacular view.

5. Highlands Leisure Trail

Distance: 0.5 Miles | Difficulty: Moderate

Connecting Blackrock Village and Wintergarden at the resort, this leisure trail takes hikers on a journey through Wintergreen’s ancient forests and rocky mountain terrain. On the highest point of the trail, hikers can view the ski slopes and sweeping views from the overlook. It’s a great choice for outdoor exploration that doesn’t take a long time to access.

4. Devils Knob Trail

Distance: 0.6 Miles | Difficulty: Moderate

Discover the beautiful white flowers emerging from within rock crevices in the bluffs, especially in the spring, and capture stunning views along your trek through the trail’s rocky terrain. The trail starts on Devils Knob Loop in Wintergreen Resort.

3. Chestnut Springs Trail

Distance: 1.1 Miles | Difficulty: Moderate

Cross babbling streams and wander through the towering birch trees on this trail, and make sure to visit during April, when the spring wildflowers bloom into a vibrant quilt on the forest floor. In the fall, you’ll find that the trees turn shades of fiery red and golden yellow.

2. Upper Shamokin Gorge Trail

Distance: 0.8 Miles | Difficulty: Difficult

The Gorge Trail is one of Wintergreen Resort’s most difficult trails, but it’s worth the challenge for hikers. The trail crosses Stoney Creek in several spots, and the bubbling waters are often within earshot of the trail, providing a natural musical background on your hike.

1. Old Appalachian Trail

Distance: 3.3 Miles | Difficulty: Difficult

A favorite among local hikers, the Old Appalachian Trail — which was once, as its name suggests, part of the Appalachian Trail — showcases the centuries-old heritage of the mountains with its ledges and rocky terrain. It’s a true treat for hikers who explore all of the trail diversions and view the Shenandoah Valley from their perch on scenic vistas along the paths.

Live Where the Outdoor Activities are Abundant

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Lake Monocan for cool Summer Fun

fun at Lake Monocan

Fun at lake Monocan

Lake Monocan for Cool Summer Fun

Lake Monocan is a gorgeous 20 acre lake located in the valley community of Stoney Creek,VA. Aside from being a beautiful lake it is also the center for many cool summer activities. These include family activities such as;

  • swimming
  • kayaking
  • fishing
  • sand volleyball
  • walking /biking
  • a sandy beach
  • lounge chairs
  • and picnicing areas with charcoal grills.

Family dogs can also cool off in the lake in the “non-swimming” designated areas. Lake Monocan is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It has Life Guards on duty daily during this period. Fees are charged for certain rentals and bookings, so always call first or CHECK HERE.

Lake Monocan

Lake Monocan

Not Just for The Kids.

Lake Monocan offers the family many additional water activitiy choices. These are usually available for rent. Choose from the following;

  • Canoe
  • Paddle Boat
  • Aqua Cycle
  • and Paddle Boarding.

What’s not to love! There is ample entertainment for the whole family including the family dog.

Getting Hungry?

Lake Monocan offers six picnic areas which can be reserved for a fee. Each picnic area has an eight foot long table, charcoal grill and trash can. Reservations can be made by calling 434-325-8180, or emailing: Of course, in case you do not feel like cooking, there is a full service Snack Bar. It offers;

  • cheeseburgers
  • hot dogs
  • chicken nuggets
  • mini pizzas
  • candy
  • novelty ice creams
  • and smoothies.

It’s A Great Place to call Home!

Check out the Stoney Creek Homes for Sale.  Brian Chase and The Chase Team look forward to getting you acquainted with all that Wintergreen has to offer. As a Wintergreen property owner and member, Brian knows what it means to live and breath in the fresh air of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Until next time.

Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities

Contact ~ BRIAN CHASE ~ your Wintergreen VA Real Estate Resource

Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities

Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities

Do not miss the Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities. School has restarted and it seems that summer is coming to a very quick close. However, it does not go quietly at Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities. There is a huge Festival at Wintergreen Resort. It is an extraordinary compilation of events and entertainment for all the family. The Wintergreen Labor Day weekend starts on Friday evening and  continues through Monday. Be sure to check out all the information for this amazing weekend.  Also be sure to check out Wintergreen Resorts Events calendar weekly.

A brief summary of events includes:

  • live entertainment at the edge
  • the summer’s end mountain bike race (registration required)
  • an amazing arts and craft showcase
  • the summer’s end trail run (registration required)
  • bonfire stories, block parties and a tree house children program
  • an all american breakfast buffet at the Copper Mine Restaurant
  • outdoor movies
  • a summer’s end music festival

and if all that was not enough, Wintergreen Labor Day Weekend Festivities conclude on Monday with

This features Beach Olympics, including blind water balloon toss, hula hoop contest, sand castle building contest and much more!  All at Lake Monocan. For complete information on this amazing weekend please check out the days, times, and pre-registration requirements.

Wintergreen Resort

There is always something to do at Wintergreen Resort. Award winning events are held all year long.  Everything from Skiing or snow tubing in the winter, awesome autumn and spring hiking, and a wonderful Spring Nature Symposium, to tennis, golf and water activities in the summer.

Real Estate at Wintergreen Resort

It is not hard to understand why many people have chosen to own real estate at Wintergreen. There is everything from Wintergreen Mountain Homes to Stoney Creek Valley Villas to choose from. Wintergreen Resort’s real estate office is Wintergreen Resort Premier Properties and it is the Official Real Estate Company of Wintergreen Resort. Brian Chase and The Chase Team look forward to getting you acquainted with all that Wintergreen has to offer.

Contact us today and be a proud part of Wintergreen’s future!