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Wintergreen Nature Center ~ Fun



 The Wintergreen Nature Center

The Wintergreen Nature Center is a wonderful place and not just for adults. There are numerous events planned for the family and younger adventurers as well. Wintergreen is a great place to explore. Wintergreen Nature Center camps can help the youngsters explore their surroundings and learn valuable lessions on wildlife safety when it comes to every day life in Wintergreen. The Junior Exployers at Wintergreen Nature Center


A mountain stream near Wntergreen Nature Center

The Junior Explorers program offers various summer camps to keep the kids happy. They learn about the forest wildlife in the process. In one such offering In the Wild, Wild Wintergreen program kids will explore forests, ponds and streams for all manner of wild life. These critters may hop, scramble, crawl or swim and may include Lizards, frogs and birds. It takes place at Lake Monican on July 14th.



See one of these beautiful moths at the Wintergreen Nature Center


At Lake Monocan, in the Stoney Creek Village community of Wintergreen Resort, on June 3rd The Early Exployers will be at work. In “it’s a small, small, world,” they will take a look at insects, butterflys and other small flying inhabitants around and about at Monican. For example, the beautiful Luna Moth is a joy to watch fluttering around the trees at dusk.



If your child’s preference is for a quiet place to read  and play then Robins’Nook at Trillium House may be for them. It offers quiet play and resources for all members of the family. They can spend time together with stories, puzzles and games. Or just get outside and enjoy wintergreen as a family. Check out all of the Wintergreen Nature Center camps and events for adults and children right here ……

Wintergreens’ Nature Center is an awesome place for adults and children in every season. There is so much to learn about your environs and so much to do there. It is also important that your children learn about the  insects, birds or animals in this area as they may ecounter them at some point. This way you can be assured they will stay safe when playing outside.

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Memorial Day Weekend Festivities at Wintergreen Resort

Go Wintergreen for Memorial Day Weekend

Head to Wintergreen Resort for a fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy great food, live music, and more this year between May 22 and May 25.

Kick off the weekend with storytelling around a bonfire followed by live music on Friday night beginning at 8 PM.

On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy an All American Breakfast Buffet at the Copper Mine Bistro, a children’s program at the Treehouse, an arts and crafts showcase, a block party, and more!

Then finish off the weekend by spending a day at the lake on Monday, May 25. Lake Monocan is open for the season.

Make sure to visit the full schedule of exciting events.

Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival

Sit back and enjoy great local bands perform in the Battle of the BCrowd of people enjoying music concertands, blues style, as the Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival begins on Saturday, May 23. While you’re there, be sure to also check out the Battle of the Brews featuring local micro breweries.

The Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday between 11 AM and 6 PM. Come out and support local bands and breweries!

Cliffhanger Challenge Mountain Bike Race and Trail Run

As part of the Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival, Wintergreen presents the annual Cliffhanger Challenge. The mountain bike race is back for its third year, and 2015 marks the debut of the trail run.

The cross-country Mountain Bike Race will have three levels. Beginner racers will take one lap, sport racers will take two laps, and expert racers will take three laps around the nearly 6-mile course. The race follows Wintergreen’s ski terrain from Acorn to Highlands and will feature lots of challenging elevation changes. Prizes will include gift certificates and tickets for the lift, tubing, and recreation to use at Wintergreen Resort.

The first annual Cliffhanger Challenge Trail Run is 7k course that goes from Acorn to Highlands. There are one- and two-lap divisions for participants. Proceeds from the race will help support the Wintergreen Nature Foundation.

For more information, check out the Cliffhanger Challenge information page.

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Wintergreens Wildflower Symposium

Wintergreens Wildflower Symposium is hosted by the Wintergreen Nature Center every May

Wintergreens Wildflower Symposium is one of the The Wintergreen Nature Foundations annual programs. It was founded by Doug Coleman who is respected by experienced conservation leaders as a can-do administrator. He is also well known by academics as an innovative world thinker on Southern Appalachian ecology. He is best known as the instrumental leader in the founding of The Wintergreen Nature Foundation. It offers a wealth of nature programs during the year.

What is Wintergreens Wildflower Symposium ?

One of the favorite events at the Wintergreen Nature Center is the upcoming Wintergreen Nature Foundations Spring Wildflower Symposium. It is an awesome couple of days with numerous renowned speakers, artists and programs. The Spring Wildflower Symposium starts on May 15th – May 17th. In addition to a host of expert lectures and expert lead hikes, they have a wonderful wild flower plant sale. Here  you can buy actual rare Virginia wild flowers. Volunteers tenderly nuture seedlings  during the year. Would you want to help?  Read on..



The Awesome Trillium Field in full bloom for Wintergreens Wildflower Symposium

The Wintergreen Nature Center also works to conserve the wild fauna and flowers of the mountains. One of its great successes is this amazing “Trillium field.” This is an absolute treasure every spring. These amazing plants only bloom after 7 years and have been lovingly  relocated from building sites and such by the nature center staff. In addition, volunteers and residents alike help in this amazing conservation process.

Is it just about flowers?

Not at all.  They offer expert lead hikes, classes, and lots of fun projects for the kids too.  Check out the Calendar of events here.

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