Wintergreen VA Real Estate Market Shows Gains in Fall 2014

Wintergreen Home Buying 1Local home sellers on the Wintergreen, VA real estate market are feeling fairly encouraged since the latest market data has come in.

After all, the data shows an unmistakable increase in active listings. And closed sales are also showing year-over-year increases.

Meanwhile, closed sales and active listings are both ahead of the five year average, which is an encouraging sign indeed!

Continue reading to learn more about the current state of the housing market and how it may impact you as a Wintergreen home seller.

A Closer Look at the Wintergreen Housing Market

Here’s an overview of the latest data report on Wintergreen:

  • There were 252 active listings in October.
  • The number of active listings was up 14 percent year-over-year in October.
  • There were 27 new listings in October.
  • That figure was up 42.1 percent year-over-year.
  • There were 14 closed sales in Wintergreen in October.
  • The number of closed sales has increased 16.7 percent year-over-year.
  • Meanwhile, data indicates that the five-year average for active listings is 240, meaning that listing activity was
  • higher than the five year average in October.
  • And the five-year average for closed sales was 13, meaning that the closed sales activity is also higher for
  • October than the average.
  • The median sales price for all homes in 22958 during the month of October was $256,500, up 15.3 percent
  • from October 2013.
  • Meanwhile, the median sales price for all detached homes was $310,000, up 11.1 percent from last year.
  • Finally, the median sales price for all condos in 22958 was $173,000, down 16.8 percent from last year.

How Can I Help You Sell Your Wintergreen Home

Save for recent condominium sales activity in Wintergreen, all housing market activity in Wintergreen lately seems to be favoring the home seller.

To really capitalize on this recent activity and get the best price for your property, you’ll want to work with an experienced REALTOR® who knows the local housing market exceptionally well.

That’s where I can help! Contact me, Brian Chase, today and I would love to start working on a comprehensive and unique marketing plan for you that’s going to get your home sold quickly – and for the best price possible.

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