Wintergreen Resort Offered for Sale

The link below will take you to excellent coverage of Wintergreen Resort being offered for sale by Jim Justice.

3 thoughts on “Wintergreen Resort Offered for Sale

  1. WG is certainly moving in the right direction. Still needs improvements, but so do all resorts. Quick comment, how would I go about asking the resort to allow the four wheel quads to drive on the roads, and maybe have a special parking place at the mountaintop? They would be like golf carts at other resorts, allowing homeowners that stay too far from the slopes to walk to have an easy way to access the ski area. Bus service is not the best, and sometimes there is a three or four block walk to the shuttle stop. When it is uphill, it is really tough for us older folks. A special parking area for the “Winter golf carts” would be a great addition. I love Wintergreen, and frequent there four or five times a season, but I have gone to other locations from the lack of mountain access when staying/renting there.

  2. Kenny: You would want to have a conversation first with the homeowner’s association (Wintergreen Property Owner’s Association) as they will have a say in the type of vehicles traveling on the subdivision roads. Ask to speak with Russell Otis. After getting a thumbs-up from WPOA, you would want to talk with the Resort’s general manager, Hank Thiess, about possible parking areas.

  3. Don’t mean to sound like a complainer, but I have a couple of issues with this article:

    1) Why does Justice need to announce this? You can sell a company in confidence without making a public announcement and introducing new uncertainties to property owners and members.

    2) Justice’s comments about “not being able to enjoy the Wintergreen asset” he purchased doesn’t do a good job of promoting that Wintergreen is great place to get away.

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