What to Expect from the Wintergreen Real Estate Blog

Welcome to my Wintergreen real estate blog. This portal will provide a smorgasbord of Wintergreen Resort information and information on buying and selling mountain condos and homes.  For my first post, I could think of nothing better to write about than the weather!  Weather is a integral part of the Wintergreen vacation experience, so it really has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a weather junkie and have been watching the Weather channel since it came on the air in mid-1980s!

Wintergreen Mountaintop Weather Conditions

Getting a handle on the weather at Wintergreen is hard to do because all of the national forecasts are centered around zip codes that don’t take into account the difference between the mountain top and the valley.  So, all of your typical weather forecasts are for the valley.  While I don’t have a forecast (you can always call me for my personal prognostication though), on my Wintergreen real estate website, I do have a summary of current Mountain Top conditions that you can review anytime, 24/7.  What you get is current mountain temperature (typically 8-12 degrees cooler than the valley), wind speed, wind gusts, barometric pressure, and relative humidity (if it reads more than 100%, it’s not working properly).  All of this data is picked up from a live, slope-side weather station and is updated every few minutes.

A Portal for All Seasons

So, whether it’s winter and you’re trying to decide on the perfect mountain condo for a ski trip, or summer and you’re trying to escape the heat, visit my Wintergreen real estate homepage for the latest info.  And then click or call me (434) 296-9860 or (877) 296-9860 so we can go look at some Wintergreen homes and condos together!



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